Ocean Machines, Need for Speed?

Ocean VH200CM - Continuous Motion

Ocean Machines is proud to announce the arrival of the Ocean VH200CM, the continuous motion solution which will reach speeds of up to 120 bags per minute. The sealing system incorporates a vertical motion to increase the speed of packaging. All movements in the machine are servo controlled (belt drive, sealing jaws and vertical motion). All of our machines are manufactured and certified according to worldwide safety (CE) and quality standards.

Ocean WCHS, High Speed Check Weigher

To meet the requirements of the market Ocean Machines has introduced the High Speed Check Weigher. The machine is designed to handle a variety of items with speeds of up to 140 bags per minute and reliable accuracy of ±0.5 g. The checkweigher can be integrated in an automatic production line or operate as a stand-alone machine. The system comes standard with a dual reject system for under and overweight.

Ocean WM14i, 14 Heads Weigher - GEN3

Ocean Machines  is expanding their range of Multihead Weighers. Next to the highly successful GEN2 range, the next generation Multihead Weigher (GEN3) delivers high accuracy and productivity of up to 150 weighments per minute. This new generation is equipped with the latest software and comes with additional features like individual adjustable linear vibration units, automatic calibration, hopper weight control via loadcell and ethernet connectivity. This model is also available in a spring-free version.


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Ocean FR300/S Flowrapping
Rotary Head Extruder
Ocean DAF, Full Automatic Auger System
Ocean FR220/S Flowrapping
Metal Detector
Ocean WM14 - 14 Head Weigher
NEW High Speed Check Weigher (Max. 150 bpm)
Compack 14-400
Ocean VX620, High speed
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